Wednesday, 26 Jan 2022
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Medigraf s.r.l. - Envelopes


chisiamoFor over twenty years our Company has been working in the field of envelopes for writing paper and boasts a firm tradition of fifty years in the graphic industrial reality.

It was founded in the 60’s in order to produce postcards and calendars, later in 1987 “the turning point” with the establishment of the actual Medigraf s.r.l., which produced envelopes and achieved in a very short time a high quality standard, so that it could compete in the inner and in the international market as well with a wide range of items, which were addressed just to the typographic field at the beginning and later to the office field with blister-packed items too.

The investments of the last ten years were oriented to purchase tools for the production of new sets, such as the “Europa”, the “Medibag” and the “Navigatori”; the latter, a stylish and refined set that goes together with one of the most valuable printed papers distributed in the market.